ONE ABE Game music producerONE ABE (‘wanabe’) is the artist name, under which I’m doing music – game style in general. Practical uses for the style of music I release, is games, intros, promos, ads, jingles etc. Also some experimental and “less-finished” work is available on my Soundcloud profile as CC-BY-SA content. Usually Chillout and EDM type stuff. Feel free to download and use the previously mentioned Creative Commons material found on my Soundcloud profile here If you have specific needs or ideas about music you need, please do contact me

The purpose of ONE ABE Soundcloud profile is to showcase small peeks of demos/games/promotional clips/etc I’ve done – a portfolio, if you will. Sometimes there’s a video that comes with the track. In those cases, you can find the link to that video in the track description. I try to keep a habit of posting a video, when there’s one linked to┬áthe publication.

Some tracks are free to download and free to use – for any purpose: non-commercial and commersial alike. The nature of Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike requires – wait for it, an attribution. So if you decide to use any content there, please consider linking to this page ( By linking to this page, you also take care of the ‘Share Alike’ part. Also, I would be happy to hear my content being put to good use, so drop me an E-mail or comment on twitter @brandabel or #abeshits