Time available in a day

24 hours in a day. 7-9 hours of that is sleep. I take the minimum of 7 hours a day. I’ve found that this is enough for me. That leaves me with 17 hours in a day. I work full-time, which means that I’m working 8 hours a day. With commutes, that adds up to 9 hours a day for work. Which means 8 hours a day free to do stuff home. One thing to note is sufficient eating and breaks. I eat breakfast at work and have one full meal. I already had two meals at work and my daily meal plan is broken into 4 parts, I’d say the eating and breaks together take up to one hour of my time. That leaves me with 7 hours a day of studying. Which, at this point sounds acceptable. Ofcourse, I expect to be constantly interupted and distracted but that’s just life :)

Daily Meal Plan

So, now to actually jot down the daily time schedule. Ofcourse, this cannot be precisely done before the programme content is decided and semesters are planned so at this point we’ll just call the slot ‘Study’

Preliminary Daily Timetable

The year has 5 semesters. Each semester is 2 months long. Which means that in every year there is 2 months of break in school. In practice this just means that I allow myself to sometimes some free time. But no more than 2 months in a year. The days are followed with a timesheet that I keep for my own purposes only. I don’t sweat it, but I aim to be punctual.

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