Game Development Own-School

I want to start making games. That, to me feels like an activity worth pursuing. I like the idea of making games to express myself. But I’m not wasting three years sitting in a class room listening to lectures about making games. I’ll do my own school.ing. As of tomorrow, third of July 2017, I will start a project to educate myself in game development. The schooling willl take five years, normal school is about three years, I think. The challenge is that I work full-time and I do gym, so those time slots are taken. I’ll start the project today with planning the schedule and the content of the entire programme and breaking it down to semesters and semester goals.

I will have on this section the planning of programme, time schedules, semester courses and goals and daily journal. Wish me luck, and see you in five years. It goes without saying, I think, but the goal of this schooling programme is to meet the programme goals, which will be scetched out in another post.