About ABE

My name is Aron. Nice to have you here on ABE. The name ABE comes from my initials, Aron Ben Elal. Nice to meet you :-)
I’m a service developer/programmer situated in Finland. My passion has always been to do more in the field of creative content. I love making music and writing and thinking – and thinking about writing. I also love to read.

I also like pebbles. Like miniature rocks, that have been lying around the shore of a beach for a really really long time and are now perfetctly smooth after being hit so many times by the ocean waves. You might think, that being hit  so many times would make you irritated. Not pebbles. Yes.. smooth. Not, like girlishly smooth, but in a manly – rock kind of way.

But enough about pebbles. I love to do music and I love to write and I’d love to hear from you, if you think there’s any possibility – like, at all, of me being able to help you. Be it game music, corporate promo music, jingles, copyright, blog writing – I’m here for you. Not in a cosmic sense – really, get over yourself.

And, in any case I’m not saying I definetly don’t want to hear from you, should you come to the conclusion that I can not help you and you are beyond my help. In which case, the situation is dire and we definetly need to put effort in to getting you on the right track. A few weeks in a resort that specializes in these kinds of situations – where you can get the help you need. Maybe take the rest of the week off and contact me, when you’re feeling better.


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